Quantitative VS Qualitative Data

…many companies are turning to customer research that is powered by big data and analytics. Although that approach can provide astonishingly detailed pictures of some aspects of their markets, the pictures are far from complete and are often misleading. It may be possible to predict a customer’s next mouse click or purchase, but no amount […]

Design Lessons from unexpected sources

Stumbling on thought provoking content on the internet puts me a smile on my face, like someone said it’s like noise canceling headphones for the web. I found Shane Parrish’s blog through this post: The Relationship Between Design and Planning. Here he makes an interesting comparison between Design and Planning based on his reads of a […]

What is Information Architecture?

Why do I share this? Because I like when someone can translate complex, abstract ideas into a very simple narrative. And Abby the IA, did just that.

Design Thinking in a nutshell

A few years ago I had the chance to have a training on Service Design with Arne from Design Thinkers, while I was still working for Novabase Consulting and based in Lisbon. Novabase was at that point starting to embrace these methodologies internaly to provide better advise to clients. Just take 5 minutes of your […]