I thought I would just leave this here to gather your opinions on this topic:

What is your prefered approach? Do you prefer the Design Team to come up with the best Design possible?, or to have them include already feasibility constraints when proposing designs?

“We very deliberately did this with my engineering team: You let the design team come up with the absolute best possible design, regardless of engineering constraints. Many times, designers are well aware of engineering limitations as they’re designing, and while that means the development process is going to be smoother–because the design already has built-in constraints based on engineer feedback–it can also mean that you’re not shooting for the best possible design.”


The Apple approach tells a very compelling story to designers… Being one myself I would love to approach new product development from a “Best possible idea”. But the reality of organizations is more complicated than that and having people onboard from the start turns out to be more effective, this means that we need to accept some level of tech constraints on the solutions.

Apple also makes consumer products, it’s easier to sell the notion that Design comes first. And finally the organization culture inside Apple still derives from the vision of Steve Jobs, and he was very strong at driving that culture.