Image from the article mentioned below, with my highlight in red of the 3 books I consider fundamental for the projects where I’m involved.

I found a nice article talking about different approaches to Innovation, that for the first time confirms some of my learning. Read below 2 quotes I’ve select. The bold is mine.

“Each one of these methodologies was created with flexibility in mind. They provide a solution for the uncertain nature of innovation-driven enterprises, solving a lot of problems. Through them, you’re encouraged to test. Iterate. Adjust. You build your company knowing real market needs, based on feedback and in-depth research. They expose a much clearer path to success, long needed in a sector where uncertainty is often the only certainty.”

“Unlike religions, there is little room for one startup bible. And I’ve found out that blindly following only one of these methodologies creates exposure to their flaws and increases the risk of fragility.”

My Take

This gives me some confidence on the steps that I have been adopting on the implementation of my innovation projects, and specifically when it comes to the Lean Startup together with the Strategyzer tools – Business Model and Value Proposition.

The external validation is always welcome about something that is very difficult to have access, the Implementation of Innovation, because you can find information on frameworks and their authors and books, but rarely you find real world insights.