I found funny to specify that the bearings must be Swiss… 🙂 Click on the image to go the original post where this illustration was published.

I found this article from an Innovation company. It’s about Design Thinking process critique.

I think the author is arguing on the edge of what a “modern” Designer has in his/her skillset, and what external people perceive as what is Design Thinking… (the author is not a designer as far as I understood).

He claims that Designers don’t know how to discover the Jobs-to-be-done 😊 which makes me laugh… and also Designers don’t define clear success metrics.

BTW, this company, STRATEGYN, has an Innovation process called ODI (Outcome-Driven Innovation). In my point of view:

  • Designers DO know how to discover the Jobs-to-be-done, and that’s why we do User Research with various tools inspired by Ethnographic studies.
  • And at the same time we also discover other PAINS, and we suggest possible GAIN makers for the customers.
  • … which ultimately ties nicely to the Business Model canvas and Value Proposition canvas.

Sorry, I had to share this with you 😊

Let me know your thoughts.