So What? right?

Well, make a search on Google for “UCD process” or “Design Thinking process” and many different diagrams will show up. This means that for someone new in the field, it’s almost impossible to choose one, or, you hear people going on pointless discussions about which one is best.

They all look different, but the fact is that they are all just covering the same principles:

  • know your real problem through discovery, research, empathy
  • make your hypothesis visible via some sort of prototype
  • Test that prototype
  • Implement your idea or continue to iterate

I’m sure I’m missing some stuff on my description above, but for the sake of simplifying this post, let’s say it’s OK. These diagrams also depict a process that is more or less linear. This is not true. Real world work is way more complex than that. Real world work is not linear, is full of complexity.

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