So, what have I been doing to focus more on Value creation for all? let me go through the tools that I have been using in the past 1,5 years to design products and services around Value and User Experience.

  • Business Model Design and Value Proposition Design, from Strategyzer. If you don’t know them, you should, go take a look at their online courses and tools. Their online app helps you writing down hypothesis, create experiments and gather learnings.
  • Value-based Pricing / Utility Function – Find ways to discover untapped value, like improving productivity of our clients machinery, and figure out how much more value with generate.
  • Facilitating Playing To Win workshops with different Business Units.

I have been also using Realtimeboard, or now called Miro, an online tool for collaboration that has proven to be quite good for collaboration in different locations over conference calls, but also on live workshops. You can also start collaborating on top of pre-made templates, like User Journeys.