Bruno de Oliveira Júlio

Innovation | Design Thinking | UX

My Story

I’m a Designer who continues to wonder why things are done the way they are done, and why people use them the way they use.

I apply this thinking in the Innovation field by discovering the right problems to solve, validate assumptions and making sure the business model is right.

I lead the innovation projects from a human-centric point of view, by running User Research and facilitating the Design Thinking methodology to other divisions. I’m a Design culture advocate inside the organization and I build capabilities in different teams through Design Thinking and Agile/Lean UX techniques applied to scrum development teams.

As a Lead User Experience Designer I define the Design Strategy and spread Design culture on different teams by Agile/Lean UX techniques and link them with Agile development teams.

I have worked as Consultant for almost 10 years for clients in Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Spain in industries like: Telcos, Banks, Government, NGO’s, Transportation, Travel and Utilities.

I’m a proud father of a little baby girl and I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

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