Nicolas Nova faz uma recensão de um texto da Harvard Business Review, ao qual não tive acesso, mas que vale a pena reproduzir aqui. Basicamente demonstra a enorme diferença entre Informação e Conhecimento na Web:

“Several technological and political forces have converged, and that has produced a global, Web-enabled playing field that allows for multiple forms of collaboration without regard to geography or distance – or, soon, even language.

What’s the difference between information and knowledge? Information is a message, one-dimensional and bounded by its form: a document, an image, a speech, a genome, a recipe, a symphony score”

Knowledge results from the assimilation and connecting of information through experience, most often through apprenticeship or mentoring.”

“…global conversation is essential to achieving true democratization of knowledge. But simply giving everyone access to e-mail and Google will never in itself flatten the earth.”