As some people in our team got a Nintendo Wii last weekend as a prize from our company – me included, yeah! – I stumble upon some interesting posts about this console. First this product is categorized as a Blobject… And you all ask: What is that!?… just read this entry on Wikipedia.

But Nicolas Nova, a blogger you will hear about a lot in this blog, as found some fascinating similar consoles:

But Nicolas finds these consoles out of the category (Blobject) as they present a poor design ripped from the Wii, and he claims that gestural interaction wasn’t the only innovation on Wii. It’s also the console design, the games, the name, and so on…

These two consoles, called Technigame (even the name was badly chosen because they don’t give any clue about the features of the product) just have one strong argument for buyers: the lower price.

On the other hand, I find the gestural interface a huge step forward on console games, as it got the chance to seduce other kind of players such as… my mother, who turns 60 this year. It’s funny to see that suddenly this older people who grew up with out video games, saw an interesting feature on these games.