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Porque a validação W3C é importante.
Link building

• Porque é que User Research é importante, mas não é “lei” obrigatória para todos os projectos. Neste post o autor cita que apenas é necessária quando:

1. We don’t know the subject area well
2. The project is based in a culture different to our own
3. We don’t know who the users are
4. The product is one we’d never use ourselves
5. The product contains features for specific types of users
6. We need inspiration
7. We need empathy
8. We don’t have much design expertise

• Sobre os novos nómadas na era da Internet de banda larga e sem fios:

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle recently reporter Dan Fost claims that a new generation of IT workers has grown up, people who turn a laptop, a wireless connection and a café into an office and work wherever they happen to be.