Contextual Inquiry

“The core premise of Contextual Inquiry is very simple: go where the customer works, observe the customer as he or she works, and talk to the customer about the work. Do that, and you can’t help but gain a better understanding of your customer. ” Beyer and Holtzblatt, Contextual Design, 1998

Is your value proposition easy to understand?

Frog design presents us with this nice short video that mixes two of my great passions: Experience Design and… Cars So, they ask us a very simple question: Is your value proposition easy to understand to the client? In a world of interconnected objects, ecosystems of products and so on, it’s hard for a common […]

The Mobile Mind Shift by Forrester

Listen to an interesting perspective on the all mobile revolution going on. Read more about it here:

About Knowledge Management

A good prezi about knowledge management…