The Silence

Last weekend I had a nice experience in one of Portugal’s beatifull Pousada at Belmonte, on the countryside. What amazed me was the landscape and the silence, as I was just looking at Serra da Estrela with the sunset going on… I just aknowledge that most of the time – if not always – we hare surrounded by noise of any kind.

So this morning I got on Fertagus train to work, and for the first time in years this transportation company decided to put music inside the train, as we passengers cross the beautifull 25th April bridge…

PLEASE DON’T DO IT! Why do people think it’s nicier to have music or radio in every single public space? like train stations, elevators, buses, and so on? We as citizens – not to mention as customers – deserve our noise-free space, because I believe noise is one of the main reasons for stress nowadays.

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